Ohio Stylist - March 2019 - You're Graduating from Beauty School — Now What?

20 | MARCH 2019 | OHIO STYLIST & SALON | WWW.OHIOSTYLIST.COM Interviewing the Interviewer A lot of applicants (particularly recent gradu- ates) see job interviews as personal obstacles. They walk into the interview believing they have to prove themselves and sell themselves to the owner. These beliefs are partially correct, but you should be entering interviews with expectations of your own. Employers meet with applicants because they are interested in possibly hiring them. If they weren’t, the applicant wouldn’t have an interview to begin with. The employer needs to present their require- ments and expectations of you. As an applicant, you are at the interview to present your qualifications and experience and communicate your expecta- tions. The two of you then decide whether your mutual terms, conditions, and expectations match. The interview process moves both ways. You aren’t the only person proving yourself, so meet the owner on equal ground. Interview them and their way of doing business. Bring up any concerns you have and inquire fur- ther about policies or conditions that seem unfair or questionable. Start interviewing the employer before they give you the opportunity to ask questions. Is the employ- er respectful?Was the owner on time or late? Are they focused on you or do they allow other things to distract them during the interview? Owners and managers are busy people, but when you set an appointment, you deserve their full attention. Disrespectful owners will get around to you when it’s convenient for them, regardless of the appointment time, and may allow other things to preoccupy them. They may also interrupt you and show other signs of superiority. Disrespectful own- ers typically won’t ask if you have questions. If you do ask any questions, they may become defensive. Do not overlook this behavior. Some people are just rude, but some intentionally do this to exercise their control over you and test your boundaries. They want to send a message that they are the authority and you are inconsequential. Do not toler- ate that and definitely don’t accept a position from someone who behaves that way. Competent owners thoroughly evaluate ap- plicants and take interviews seriously. They are courteous, prompt, and allow applicants to respond to questions without cutting them short. They have The Nail Extension Tina Alberino CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO SHARE :: SAVE :: PRINT :: VIEW CLICK HERE

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