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HandWashing is Critical During Flu Season

It is also a Rule for Both Barbers and


Barbers and cosmetologists are required to

wash their hands before providing a service to a

client. For most of us it is a simple habit, some-

thing we do without thinking. However, it never

hurts to be reminded.

When done properly hand washing is the

single most important action you can take to

avoid getting sick and spreading an illness to oth-

ers. We all know the benefits of hand washing yet

many people do not wash properly or frequently

enough. All day you accumulate germs on your

hands from a variety of sources: direct contact

with people, contaminated surfaces, even food.

You can contaminate yourself with these germs

by touching your eyes, nose or mouth. You can

also spread germs to others by either touching

them or touching surfaces that they also touch,

such as doorknobs, keyboards or telephones.

Illnesses that are commonly spread include:

colds, flu and some stomach disorders. While

most people can eventually get over a cold, the

flu can be much more serious, particularly for

older adults and people with chronic medical

problems. These people can develop pneumonia

once they come down with the flu and accord-

ing to research performed by the Mayo Clinic

the combination of the flu and pneumonia is the

eighth-leading cause of death among Americans.

The proper handwashing technique recom-

mended by the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention includes the following steps:

1. Wash your hands with hot running water

and soap.

2. Rub your hands together for at least 20 sec-

onds. (sing the ABC song twice)

3. Pay special attention to your wrists, the

backs of your hands, between your fingers and

under your fingernails.

4. Rinse well.

5. Leave the water running while you dry your

hands on a paper towel.

6. Use the paper towel as a barrier between

the faucet and your clean hands when you turn

off the water.

There is no sure-fire way to make sure you

don’t get a cold or the flu, but you can increase

your and your clients’ odds of staying healthy by

doing what your mother and kindergarten teach-

er taught you and what the Texas Department of

Licensing and Regulation requires of you, wash

your hands.