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The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology does not endorse any article, product, advertisement, or service contained in this

newspaper. If you have questions or concerns about the contents of this newspaper and believe that it may affect you as a

licensee, you may write to the address listed above.

Florida Board of Cosmetology

Florida Board News

Florida Board News

2601 Blair Stone Road

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783

850.487.1395, ext: 110

Division of Professions

Robyn Barineau, Executive Director

Positions Available on the Florida Board of Cosmetology

The Department of Business and Professional

Regulation supports the Governor in meeting his

obligation to appoint qualified, representative and

appropriate people to the important leadership

roles within the department’s Professional Boards,

Council and Commissions. Members are appointed

by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the


The Board of Cosmetology members work with

the department in meeting its mission to “License

Efficiently. Regulate Fairly.”There are approximately

180,000 licensed individuals and 19,600 licensed

salons pursuant to Chapter 477, Florida Statutes,

and Chapter 61G5, Florida Administrative Code.

A licensed Cosmetologist may provide beauty

services, such as shampooing, cutting, coloring,

and styling hair, and massaging and treating

scalps. A Cosmetologist may also apply makeup,

dress wigs, perform hair removal, and provide nail

and skin care services.

The Board of Cosmetology is comprised of

seven members: five members of the board shall

be licensed cosmetologists and shall have been

engaged in the practice of cosmetology in this

state for not less than five years. Two members of

the board shall be laypersons. Each board mem-

ber shall be a resident of this state and shall have

been a resident of this state for not less than five

continuous years. No member may serve for more

than the remaining portion of a previous member’s

unexpired term, plus two consecutive 4-year terms.

As the terms of the members expire, the Gov-

ernor shall appoint successors for terms of four

years; and such members shall serve until their

successors are appointed and qualified. The Gov-

ernor may remove any member for cause. No

person shall be appointed to serve more than two

consecutive terms. Any vacancy shall be filled by

appointment by the Governor for the unexpired

portion of the term.

Each board member shall receive per diem

and mileage allowances as provided in Section

112.061, Florida Statutes, from the place of her or

his residence to the place of the meeting and re-

turn to the residence.

The Board meets approximately four times a