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of the skin, known as the dermis, are considered

the practice of medicine and are outside the

scope of Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

licensees. Remember — Board licensees should

only be providing beautification services.

Q: I would like to offer facial shaving at my

salon. Is that allowed?

A: Yes, but only if the person performing the

facial shaving is a licensed barber (and you have

an establishment license for your salon). Shaving

of the beard is only within the scope of practice

for barbers.

Q: I’m an esthetician and would like to offer

ear candling to my clients. Can I do this legally?

A: No. Ear candling is outside the scope of

practice for all Board of Barbering and Cosme-

tology licensees. The U.S.

Federal Drug Administration

(FDA) classifies the ear candle

as a device which is specific

to medical use. Licensees

within the jurisdiction of the

California Board of Barbering

and Cosmetology would be

in violation for using proce-

dures not approved by the

FDA and by using medical

devices which are beyond

their scope of practice.

Q: I’ve read about these fish pedicures that

are popular overseas. Can I offer this service in

my salon?

A: No. The Board has reviewed this service and

has determined that using live fish for pedicures

violates the Board’s rules regarding disinfection.

Q: Does my cosmetology license allowme to

offer services in my clients’ homes?

A: No. All barbering and cosmetology services

offered by Board licensees must be performed in

a licensed establishment. The only exception is

performing services on people who are shut-ins

and physically unable to get to a shop. There is a

license available for mobile units, but the services

must be performed inside the mobile unit.