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WWW.CALIFORNIASTYLIST.COM Scope of Practice Q&A Q: What does the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology mean by “scope of practice”?

A: The scope of practice refers to the various

services that a licensee is allowed to perform

under the law. In California, the scopes of practice

for each of the barbering and cosmetology pro-

fessions are defined in Section 7316 of the Busi-

ness and Professions Code.

Q: Does natural hair braiding, threading or

styling wigs have to be performed in a licensed


A: No. None of those services is regulated by

the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology; there-

fore, they need not be performed by in a licensed

establishment by Board licensees. However,

you should become familiar with the scopes of

practice in Section 7316 to make sure you do not

cross over into a regulated service.

Q: I want to work in a department store

demonstrating hair, skin and nail products on

customers. Do I need an esthetician’s license?

A: No, provided the only purpose of the

demonstration is to sell the products rather than

to provide beautification services. Theatrical

makeup artists are not required to be licensed by

the Board, either.

Q: Does a person who only shampoos hair in

a salon need to be licensed?

A: Yes. Shampooing hair is part of the scope

of practice of cosmetologists and barbers. Only

licensed individuals can provide that service.

Q: I’m a licensed manicurist. Can I use a credo

blade to remove a callus?

A: Absolutely not. The use of any razor-edged

tool or device of any kind to remove calluses is

strictly forbidden. In fact, these tools are forbid-

den from even being on an establishment’s prem-

ises. Calluses can only be smoothed by Board

licensees, not removed. Needle-like instruments

used to extract blemishes and other procedures

are also prohibited.

Q: Who can performmicrodermabrasion?

A: Both licensed estheticians and cosmetolo-

gists can perform microdermabrasion, provided

the service only applies to the non-living layer

of the skin, or epidermis. Any skin removal tech-

niques and practices that affect the living layers

The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology does not endorse any article,

product, advertisement, or service contained in this newspaper. If you have

questions or concerns about the contents of this newspaper and believe that

it may affect you as a licensee, you may write to the address listed above.

Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

State of California

Department of Consumer Affairs

P.O. Box 944226

Sacramento, CA 94244-2260


Kristy Underwood — Executive Officer

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