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On January 21, 2018 the Ohio State Board of

Cosmetology and the Ohio Barber Board will no

longer exist as separate Boards. The Cosmetology

Board which was established in 1934 and the

Barber Board which was established in 1933 will

consolidate to become the Ohio State Cosmetol-

ogy and Barber Board. The agency will be located

at 1929 Gateway Circle, Grove City, Ohio 43123

which is the existing Cosmetology Board location.

Licensees will continue to adhere to the cur-

rent Laws & Rules related to their scope of prac-

tice. Future rule reviews could lead to rule chang-

es. Forms and applications have been updated

to reflect the new Board name also included are

instructions for completing the application and

the new address for mailing.

Board Members appointed by the Governor’s

office to represent the Barbering industry along

with representation of esthetics, tanning, inde-

pendent contractors and the medical field will

complete the required seats for the Board.

Both agencies are excited about the con-

solidation and look forward to combining ideas

and processes to better serve the licensees. The

biggest challenge has been preparing for the

conversion to a statewide licensing system used

by all agencies which regulate a professional

license. The system will allow the license holder

to control their own password. Online payments

and applications will allow for quicker process-

ing and scheduling for an examination. An email

address will be required to establish your online

profile and password. You will receive information

and instructions in the near future to set up your

account on the new licensing system. Below you

will find information that will allow you to review

and update your current profile.

» » Updating Licensee Contact Information

The State of Ohio will soon be moving to a

new statewide web-based licensing system for

all professional licensing agencies. Over the next

several months, the Board’s current licensing data

will be converted to the new system and profiles

for each of the Board’s licensees will be created.

The new system will provide online services for

renewing, and request for services such as, updat-

ing an address, certification to another state, and

Ohio Cosmetology Board News

Board Members:

Thomas Taneff, Public Member

Luke Hanks, Private School Executive

Clara Osterhage, Multiple Salon Owner

Charles Penzone, Salon Manager

Tasha Sheipline, Career Tech School Instructor

Rowena Yeager, Salon Manager

NeCole Cumberlander, Cosmetology Instructor

1929 Gateway Circle

Grove City, Ohio 43123

Local: (614) 466-3834

Statewide: 1-866-642-6723

Fax: (614) 644-6880


-mail: Web site:

Ohio State Board of Cosmetology