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Mission: Business Beautiful

Ali Davidson


CLICK HERE Say Goodbye to these Three Things in 2018

There’s something rejuvenating and refreshing

about a new year. All of a sudden, we feel the opti-

mism things could be different.

We have so much faith in this new beginning

more so than any other time during the year, goals

are set and plans are made for success. We tell our-

selves with conviction, “This will be the year that I

finally (

fill in the blank)


But why? What makes Jan.

1, 2018 so different than Dec.

31, 2017?

Sorry guys, the answer is

nothing. Nothing is different

about Jan. 1, 2018, unless

there’s something different within you. No mat-

ter what your goals are for 2018, in order to make

room for that success, there are three things you

most certainly must leave behind in 2017.


Even the seemingly legit ones must

go. Holding on to excuses for why something

might fail or isn’t currently working provides too

many reasons not to try. For every excuse made

about why something won’t succeed, you’re elimi-

nating a potential solution before you give it an

honest, 100 percent attempt.

For example, if you’re among the legions of hair-

stylists still holding onto the belief that Amazon

is “stealing” your retail business, you’re not going

to do any better selling retail in 2018. Amazon

isn’t going to suddenly go away in 2018, so you’re

going to have to turn it into part of the solution

for increasing your retail sales rather than the ex-

cuse for your dismal numbers. Using Amazon as

a scapegoat for your lack of sales skills is so 2017;

this year we’re going to work with Amazon, learn

from Amazon, and be as suc-

cessful as Amazon. No matter

the challenge, no excuses may

be brought into 2018.

Preconceived ideas of how

things “should” be done.

There’s more than one way to

craft the perfect ponytail, emulate the perfect sun

kiss, or achieve the perfect fade. When it comes

to hair, we know the more techniques in our rep-

ertoire, the better hairstylists we’ll be. It’s so crazy

then how many hairstylists get an idea for how

success in the hair industry “should” be achieved

and turn up their nose at any method that differs.

Sally thinks Susan is crazy because she still

carries business cards everywhere and doesn’t

have an Instagram account, but Susan’s book is

full. Susan thinks it’s unfair Sally has 90 thousand

Instagram followers and a successful education

No matter what your goals are

for 2018, in order to make room

for that success, there are three

things you most certainly must

leave behind in 2017.