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licensee, you may write to the address listed above.

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Division of Professions

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Important Information

Changes to Salon Requirements

Effective November 9, 2017, the Board of Cos-

metology reduced the minimum square footage

requirement of a salon from 200 square feet of

floor space to 100 square feet of floor space. Below

is the rule language in its final amended form.

61G5-20.002 Salon Requirements

(1) Definitions: For the purposes of this rule, the following definitions


(a) “Clean”means the removal of visible debris from a surface such as

washing with soap/water.

(b) “Disinfect”means the use of a chemical to destroy potential pathogens.

(c) “Sterilize”means the complete destruction of all microbial life, com-

monly achieved through the use of heat and/or pressure.

(d) “Wet disinfection container”means a tub or jar with a lid, filled with

disinfectant and large enough for all items to be completely immersed.

(e) “Infection control”means the process for reducing the risk of spreading

disease causing pathogens.

(2) Prior to opening a salon, the owner shall:

(a) Submit an application on forms prescribed by the Department of Busi-

ness and Professional Regulation; and,

(b) Pay the required registration fee as outlined in the fee schedule in Rule

61G5-24.005, F.A.C.; and,

(c) Meet the safety and sanitary requirements as listed below and these

requirements shall continue in full force and effect for the life of the salon:

1. Ventilation and Cleanliness: Each salon shall be kept well ventilated. The

walls, ceilings, furniture and equipment shall be kept clean and free from dust.

Hair must not be allowed to accumulate on the floor of the salon. Hair must be

deposited in a covered waste receptacle. Each salon which provides services for

the extending or sculpturing of nails shall provide such services in a separate

area which is adequately ventilated for the safe dispersion of all fumes result-

ing from the services.

2. Toilet and Lavatory Facilities: Each salon shall provide – on the premises

or in the same building as, and within 300 feet of, the salon – adequate toilet

and lavatory facilities. To be adequate, such facilities shall have at least one

toilet and one sink with running water. Such facilities shall be equipped with

toilet tissue, soap dispenser with soap or other hand cleaning material, sanitary

towels or other hand-drying device such as a wall-mounted electric blow

dryer, and waste receptacle. Such facilities and all of the foregoing fixtures and

components shall be kept clean, in good repair, well-lighted, and adequately

ventilated to remove objectionable odors.

3. A salon, or specialty salon may be located at a place of residence. Salon

facilities must be separated from the living quarters by a permanent wall

construction. A separate entrance shall be provided to allow entry to the salon

other than from the living quarters. Toilet and lavatory facilities shall comply

with subparagraph (c)2. above and shall have an entrance from the salon other

than the living quarters.

4. Animals: No animals or pets shall be allowed in a salon, with the excep-

tion of service animals and fish kept in closed aquariums.

5. Shampoo Bowls: Each salon shall have shampoo bowls equipped with

hot and cold running water. The shampoo bowls shall be located in the area

where cosmetology services are being performed. A specialty salon that

exclusively provides specialty services, as defined in Section 477.013(6), F.S.,

need not have a shampoo bowl, but must have a sink or lavatory equipped with

hot and cold running water on the premises of the salon.

(d) Comply with all local building and fire codes. These requirements shall

continue in full force and effect for the life of the salon.

(3) Each salon shall comply with the following:

(a) Linens: Each salon shall keep clean linens in a closed, dustproof cabinet.

All soiled linens must be kept in a closed receptacle. Soiled linens may be kept

in open containers if entirely separated from the area in which cosmetology