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WWW.FLORIDASTYLISTONLINE.COM Build Your Portfolio Professionally

by Amy Colvin

How do you stay excited about your career

choice? Do you look for inspiration? Does a quest

for learning keep that fire lit inside you?

If you strive to be your best, you look for qual-

ity education. Some even seek to study with

someone who is doing with their career what you

see yourself doing some day.

In a sense you yearn for a mentor. One of those

mentor stylists for me is Giovanni Giuntoli. We

met about 10 years ago when he began offering

workshops in New York City called Tearsheet.

My desire to take this course was instantaneous.

Giovanni started teaching what no one else was.

He was sharing how to build your portfolio and

in essence how to get gorgeous photos of your


As life would have it, I decided to stay close to

home to raise my two small children. Working in

the salon was taking me away from them more

than I wanted, let alone running off to New York

for a workshop. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to

these feelings. At the same time, I was also grow-

ing my Foolproof Updoing business.

However, I kept my eye on Tearsheet and its

growing presence in our industry. Giovanni was

staying true to his brand and had exceptional


Jump to present day when fate intervened, as

it often does, and put me directly in Giovanni’s

path once more during the Redken Symposium

in Las Vegas. Destiny may put someone in your

path, but it’s up to you to seize that moment of

opportunity. Which I did. Long story short, I com-

mitted to taking his workshop: “Education Junkie”

in New York. Now I’m able to say that was one of

the best career choices I’ve ever made.

We all get nervous when we step away from

the safety of our chair. As soon as I walked into

the New York studio, I was warmly greeted and

put at ease. It was such a relief to see a familiar

face. Giovanni had two facilitators along his side,

one of whom I knew. They showed me to a table,

where my name was on a Tearsheet folder.

When the course began, Giovanni acknowl-

edged we were all nervous. It was refreshing to

hear he was as well. His voice is soothing and

calm as he prepared us for what we would experi-

ence the next few days. The sincerity was obvious

as he asked us our expectations as well as our

challenges. The list we created seemed an impos-

sible agenda. Much to my surprise, however, it

was all covered by the end.

We were prepared with inspiration and knowl-

edge to execute a successful photo shoot for the

following day. The third and final day started with

a group huddle of encouragement and self belief.

All seven of us in the class were excited not only