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WWW.FLORIDASTYLISTONLINE.COM Striking a Balance: Parent vs. Professional

by Heather Murray

 Being a loving and focused parent while still

finding time to work is what torments many

beauty professionals.

Working and having a family

is an emotional rollercoaster filled with highs and

lows that can drive us crazy. Being a mother was a

top priority for what I wanted out of life, but I also

loved working on my career and seeing my busi-

ness grow. Being a member of the service industry,

I remember all too well the pressures of both.

As a beauty professional, you are not only a small

business owner you are also an entrepreneur.  You

need to run your own business, keep current with the

trends, and brainstorm the latest and greatest thing

that will bring inmore clients. The demands placed

on you are intense onmany levels. These pressures

usually mean you say yes to everyone. 

You say yes to the client who wants to have you

squeeze her in, you say yes to working extra hours

because the salon needs you to, you fill in for a

colleague who finds themselves in a bind. Then,

as a parent, you go home and say yes to the needs

of your children and family.  Even your house de-

mands of you. You know you can do it all but worry

about the toll it is taking on you, your kids, your

spouse, your life.

How can you make this work? Are you doing

any of it well or are you spread too thin?

Regardless of the situation in which you find

yourself, here are some tweaks you can make to

ensure everyone gets what they need.  You can

implement some basic changes so your work-life

balance is maintained and you can be present with

your family. Let’s start the new year off with some

very effective tweaks:

Set a plan for you and your family:

For you to

achieve what you desire -- first decide on your goals

and document them. Often when we are meeting

the needs of all those in our life (work and personal)

we drift off our path of what we set out to do in the

beginning and end up not doing what we really

want. We have forgotten what feeds our soul and

our reason for being. I can recall starting out in my

career ready to change the world for the better. 

As an educator that is what I thought I would

most like to do. In order to do this I had to reframe

my outlook often and make sure I was focused on

my goals for my students. It wasn’t easy and it took

many “tweaks” along the way. Times change, peo-

ple change, and to stay current I took many classes,

studied many trends, and made sure to survey

my students often. Sometimes I allowed myself to

say “yes” too much and got sidetracked from my

heart’s desire. To stay focused on the important

stuff, I had to focus on the important elements of

my life. Here is how that works.

Think of each day, week, month and come up

with the seven most important elements of your