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WWW.OHIOSTYLIST.COM Giving Creates Gratitude, Happiness andWealth

This is the time of year for giving and whether

you are giving or receiving, feelings of gratitude

are created. Being grateful is an important part of

happiness, being healthy and feeling connected.

We can give in different ways, all with the same

reward. Research suggests when we donate our

time or money, we benefit. When we give, our

action activates the areas in our brain that are

associated with pleasure, trust, and connection.

Scientists believe when we engage in unselfish

activities endorphins are released in our brain and

this produces a positive feeling.

Giving can involve your community, your col-

leagues, your clients, and yourself. Here are some

ways you can give:

Giving toYour Community—

You can vol-

unteer at nonprofit organizations, charities, or

through established volunteer groups. Communi-

ties do so much for their citizens, and these orga-

nizations need help by having citizens give back.

Think about the famous quote from J. F. Kennedy’s

Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961...

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your

country can do for you—ask what you can do for

your country.”

What can you do for your community? You

own and operate your business and this is doing

much for your community. It is important to have

services, and quality ones at that, for others to

enjoy. Outside of your business you can give your

time and/or money. Through your giving you will

help those in need and create a feeling of common

good. Your time and talent will touch many lives

and your good deed can be as simple as helping a

neighbor. The tiniest of help can impact the com-

munity in a positive way and help renew a sense of


You can volunteer at local beauty schools; hos-

pice care centers or at hospitals. You will meet new

people and generate the feeling of “I did that.”

Sometimes the hardest part of giving is finding

a match that fits you to volunteer. Using the online

service called VolunteerMatch may be the answer.

This service offers suggestions of where to help in

your specific community.

If you can, give a few dollars to your favorite

charity. Do some research to find the one that

utilizes the donation well and one that fits with

your desires of who to help. If money isn’t some-

thing you can give then think about donating

clothes, books, toys, food etc. The Salvation Army,

Goodwill, libraries, schools, food banks, and animal

shelters all need donations.

The Nail Extension

Elizabeth Morris