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gift item has your logo on it, think long and hard

about whether you’re giving it to clients for their

benefit or for yours. A cheesy promotional item

for your salon that you try to package as a holiday

appreciation gift is downright tacky. The only thing

worse than a promo gift that’s really just given to

spread awareness for your salon, is a, “Buy this and

get that,” or percent off your next visit gimmick.

That is a promotional sale, not a holiday gift. Giving

a pretend gift is worse for your brand than giving

no gift at all. A worthwhile, memorable holiday

gift that will actually be noted and appreciated by

clients should be genuine and from the heart.

Is it personal?

The surefire way to make

your clients know the holiday gift you’re

giving them came right from your heart is to

personalize it. Even if you’re giving all of your

clients the same gift, it can be personalized.

If you’re wrapping up travel-size hair

products, don’t give your stick-straight, fine-

haired client shampoo and conditioner for

coarse, curly hair just because that’s what

you have left. If you’re gifting pocket mirrors

or combs or something of the like, take the

time to pull out your client’s favorite color

and send her home with an extra one for her


The best way to personalize an otherwise

generic gift for your clients is to ensure the

card is not generic. It doesn’t cost you any

extra money to write a personal note to ac-

company each gift.

Before the day begins, look at your book and

write a quick note to each client to accompany their

gift. Even if it’s a new client, a quick note about how

you look forward to working with them in the com-

ing year takes two seconds. This small step is what

will resonate with your clients and make them truly

feel appreciated and, in return, be loyal.

If you are swamped during the holidays and just

aren’t feeling a client gift worth giving (one that

is thoughtful, heartfelt, and personalized), do not

just haphazardly throw something out there be-

cause you think other salons are doing it. That will

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