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much or eating bad food. When you

look good and feel good about your-

self, you’ll regain your passion for self

improvement. Without good health,

all your hard work and success will be

for nothing. You have to take care of


Go to a Movie

— do something a

little different or out of the ordinary.

Maybe a good play or concert will

help you get your mind off work. I

love the movies, and recommend go-

ing to see something fun to help with

your day.

Enjoy Your Family

— if you’re a

mother or a father, take your kids to

the zoo or on a picnic. Your challenge

is to find a balance between work and


Spoil Yourself

—maybe a sooth-

ing massage or facial, or a day all to yourself for

meditation and relaxation.

Get Away

—whether by yourself or with a

loved one, perhaps an overnight stay at a popular

resort. Plan a weekend vacation, leave on Fri-

day and come home Sunday afternoon. A little

change in scenery helps a lot when it comes to

overcoming burnout and stress.

Following these guidelines will help you de-

velop your own self management system that will

help you overcome and meet the heavy challeng-

es of your job, your personal life and your finan-

cial future. Burnout from time to time is merely

a signal you need to take a break. Just like your

customers who are coming in to feel good, make

sure you take care of yourself in order to continue

to succeed, both personally and professionally.

Jon Gonzales - Salon Consultant, Personal Development Coach, Educator & Author world knowledge

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