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refer to the current CIB available on the Board’s Web at

for the list of services and tasks that will be required in

the practical portion of the examination. You will find

the scope for the written examination on the Board’s

Web site as well. Be careful of private agencies and in-

dividuals who try to sell you“inside” information about

the examination. The CIBs and the scope for the written

should provide all the information you need to success-

fully pass the examination. Be prepared to do any or all

of the services as listed on the CIB.

Special Accommodation to take the examina-


To request reasonable accommodation, you must

submit a

“Request for Reasonable Accommodation”

form, which can be obtained on the Board’s Web site at ada_req_accom.pdf.

You will need to include a descrip-

tion of the accommodation and appropriate medical

verification along with your application for examina-

tion. Reasonable accommodation may include the use

of a reader, a signer or a request for additional time on

the written examination. Additional time is not granted

for the practical examination.


Models are not used for the barber, cosme-

tologist, esthetician or manicurist examinations. If you

are testing as an electrologist, you will need to bring

your own model. The model can be an acquaintance

or someone hired from an agency or kit company,

but cannot be a barbering and cosmetology student,

or a current or former Board licensee. But whomever

you choose, he or she must be suitable for all the

services you may be required to perform. All models

must also have valid, government-issued photo iden-

tification. Documents such as school identification,

credit cards, and store membership cards will not be

accepted. For more information on models and the

types of identification that are acceptable, check your

examination admission letter and inserts, CIB, exami-

nation handbook from PSI, or the Board’s Web site at

Length of the examination:

The esthetician,

manicurist and electrologist practical examinations

take approximately two hours. The barber and cosme-

tologist examinations take longer, about four hours.

Cosmetology and Barber candidates get a 15-minute

break halfway through the examination. You must

return from your break on time. If you are more than

five (5) minutes late, you will be denied reentry into the

examination and will receive no score for the practical

examination. You will also have to wait until the end of

the examination to retrieve any personal effects. The

written examination for barbers is one hour. The written

for cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists and elec-

trologists is two hours.

Leaving the examination before completing the


Candidates who decide to terminate their exami-

nation prematurely must reapply for the portion (i.e.,

practical or written) of the exam that they did not com-

plete, and pay the appropriate fee for re-examination.

Discussing your examination with the proctor or


Examination staff cannot discuss the exami-

nation or the grading factors with candidates, as this is

a breach of examination security.


Candidates who pass both the written and

practical portion of the examination are issued their

license at the testing facility. Only candidates who fail

a portion of the examination receive their numerical

scores. Neither a license nor a score report will be issued

until both portions of the examination are completed

by the candidate.