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Ohio Cosmetology Board News

Board Members:

Thomas Taneff, Public Member

Luke Hanks, Private School Executive

Clara Osterhage, Multiple Salon Owner

Charles Penzone, Salon Manager

Tasha Sheipline, Career Tech School Instructor

Rowena Yeager, Salon Manager

NeCole Cumberlander, Cosmetology Instructor

1929 Gateway Circle

Grove City, Ohio 43123

Local: (614) 466-3834

Statewide: 1-866-642-6723

Fax: (614) 644-6880


Web site:

Ohio State Board of Cosmetology

Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education hour requirements have

changed. Below is a description of how these

hours are to be obtained per subject matter. Please

read this information carefully to ensure your com-

pliance upon the renewal of your license.

Continuing Education classes must be com-

pleted between February 1, 2017 and January

15, 2019.

An individual who holds a license to practice a

branch of cosmetology or an instructor license is

required to complete the following hours of

continuing education:

One (1) hour of CE concerning Ohio Board

laws and rules:

This course is provided by the

Board free of charge and is available on the Board’s

website on the Continuing Education tab. This

course can be applied to multiple licenses held.

Two (2) hours of CE concerning sanitation

and safety:

Because the Board must be able to

track CE completion to the credential held, the

two hour safety/sanitation education must be a

separate two (2) hour course if a licensee wants to

apply it to multiple licenses. Otherwise, the course

will need to be combined with the scope specific


Five (5) hours of CE concerning subject matter

relating to the scope of services for each license

held by the individual:

Can only be applied to a

license that matches the scope of practice subject

matter of the course. If a licensee holds multiple

license types, please see the examples below:

• 1 - Hour of Ohio Board laws and rules CE (Only

provided by the Board)

• 2 - Hours of Safety and Sanitation CE (from a

separate 2 hour course)

• 5 - Hours cosmetology specific CE

• 5 - Hours esthetics specific CE

Or, if the Safety and Sanitation CE is not a

separate course

• 1 - Hour of Board laws and rules CE (Only pro-

vided by the Board)

• 7 - Hours CE containing 2 hour Safety and


• 5 - Hours cosmetology specific CE

• 7 - Hours CE containing 2 hour Safety and


• 5 - Hours esthetics specific CE