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WWW.OHIOSTYLIST.COM Easy Steps to BeingYour Best this Merry Season

The holidays are approaching. During

this season, entertaining guests, gift buying and

enjoying extravagant parties and dinners be-

comes routine. Friends and family visit from near

and far and celebrations take place to commemo-

rate the closing of the year and to usher in a new

year filled with hope, optimism and success.

While we parade around merrily during this

time of the year, many of us also experience

stress and tiredness. Many more commitments

are added to our already busy schedules and

while partying and celebrating may be fun, it can

also take a toll on our physical and emotional

well-being. In addition to familial obligations, the

holiday season is one of the busiest in salons as

clients need to be styled and primped for various

holiday functions.

How do you prepare for the busy holiday sea-

son so you can give your best to family, friends,

and clients? It all starts with self-care and making

sure you meet your needs first. Hey, you can’t

give from a cup that’s empty!

Learn and stay informed

Preparation doesn’t happen overnight. Hence,

it’s important to stay updated on the latest trends

and techniques throughout the year to meet the

needs of clients who want

the latest look


the holiday season.

Attend workshops and classes, visit trade

shows and follow artists you look up to stay

ahead of the competition and so you’re aware of

what’s happening in the industry. Staying

in the


throughout the year will keep you prepared

for any style or service a client may want.

Be positive

Maintaining an optimistic attitude also helps

us prepare for the busy and often, hectic, holiday

season. Seeing the various


in our lives as

half full rather than half empty opens the door for

more positivity and joy to enter our lives.

This positivity keeps us balanced and allows

us to continue feeling and doing our best even

when things are out of our control. It is just as

important to surround ourselves with people

who also maintain positive attitudes as we be-

come like those who we are around most often.

Optimism breeds positivity and joy.

Rest up

During the holiday season, it’s just as impor-

tant to take care of ourselves physically as it is

Window into Wellness

Natasha Bhalla