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about in the thick of the holidays when

you’ll want to be doing things with your

loved ones, preparing gifts for family,

and decorating your own home with

holiday cheer.

Make sure that you save time for all of

those things that reinvigorate the heart

and make the holidays, the holidays. Do

not completely overbook yourself and

bend over backwards to accommodate

everyone else at your expense. Start

warning your clients to pre-book now.

Set hard limits for the hours you’ll put in

and the number of clients you can rea-

sonably see within those hours without

stressing out or exhausting your body

and mind.

Take into consideration if your staff/

coworkers will be taking any time off;

you might need to pick up the void. Ask around

now and get commitments so you can plan ac-

cordingly. Is the salon going to keep the same

hours, extend to “holiday hours,” or close on any

particular days? Inform your clients and, most

importantly, let your staff/coworkers know now.

It will go over better now than when you’re in the

thick of the busyness. There is no quicker way to

wear yourself out during the holidays than to be

understaffed and overbooked.

This is finally going to be the holiday season

you look back with a triumphant smile and say, “I

did that one exceptionally well!”This will be the

year you take full advantage of all the gift card and

retail potential, start planning in enough time, and

don’t overbooked yourself into misery.

It’s no secret that it requires forethought and

early preparation to really rock the holiday season,

but you just had your wake-up call to start plan-

ning now— you’ve totally got this.

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