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grand packages have six products, including

choices for hair and skin, plus cuticle oil. She also

offers trios, BOGOs and travel sizes, so she offers a

gift for every price point.

Sell by collection.

“Most of my guests use

Tinta Color Care,” Rice said, “and they also have

at least three other collections -- curly, smooth,

volume, etc. -- to use based on how they are styl-

ing their hair on any day. Educate your guests to

think: ‘I’m going to wear my hair curly today, so I

need to infuse it with moisture.’ ”

Sell heated styling tools.

Guests are more

willing to buy irons, dryers and other tools for

themselves during the holidays. Create a wow

presentation with signage at the front desk. Per-

sonalize the purchase by writing down how to

calibrate the tool for the guest’s hair, including

the temperature setting. If you don’t, they often

start with the hottest setting and run the risk of

damaging their hair.

Change your beverages seasonally for a

wow factor.

“During the holidays, I offer a sea-

sonal hot chocolate and an apple cider,” Rice

suggests. “When the front desk associate walks

the drink over, she also brings a shopping bag.

My guests are addicted to the cider and they start

filling their shopping bags before they even reach

my chair. It creates the purchasing spirit. The only

time it backfired was when we had so many bags

at the desk they got mixed up, so make sure to

write the guest’s name on her bag.”

Don’t forget to promote services.

Rice’s most

successful promotion is a three-for-$99.00 pack-

age, which is available as a gift or for the client to

purchase for herself. The package starts with a hair

design as the core service, since everyone gets

that, and invites the guest select two additional

services from a menu of five, including a spa mani-

cure, pedicure, polish change on hands and toes, a

blow-out with a hot tool or a color gloss.

The offer is for the newest or least-booked

service providers only. It allows those service pro-

viders to reach their $100 per client goal and gives

them the opportunity to sell products. It also cre-

ates a comfort factor between the guest and other

teammembers. This is also a great promotion to

offer during your slowest times of the year.

What makes Rice’s promotions truly impactful

is they start with the end in mind. “If our usual

goal is $10,000 per month in product sales, we

add $5,000 for November and December goals,”

she explained. “Then, we break the goal down by

stylist. We have a 10-minute huddle every day, so

we can coach one another and so everyone can

ask for help. Finally, we tie the goal into a team

incentive, so we work together and have fun!”

For more information go to and .

Rice will be teach-

ing Keune True Business—Client Communication and Growing Your Income at the Keune Advanced

Academy in Atlanta on November 12 and 13.