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HLO Recruiting for Public Members for Several Boards

Are you interested in getting involved with state

service but unsure where to begin? Consider serv-

ing on one of Health Licensing Office’s regulatory

boards. You don’t have to be a member of one of

the regulated professions to serve. In fact, many

of the openings are for public members. A public

member is typically someone who represents a

consumer’s point of view (and has no conflicts

of interest in the board’s business). If you know

someone who might be interested, send them this


Serving on a volunteer citizen board is a great

way to dip a toe into the waters of state service.

Board members participate in the rulemaking

process, helping enact the laws adopted by the

legislature and getting a better sense of how gov-

ernment works on the state level.

The Health Licensing Office has nine public

member openings available at this time: one on

the Nursing Home Administrators Board, one on

the Board of Athletic Trainers, one on the Board of

Certified Advanced Estheticians, one on the Board

of Cosmetology, two on the Board of Denture

Technology, one on the Board of Electrologists

and Body Art Practitioners, one on the Board of

Licensed Dietitians and one on the Respiratory

Therapist and Polysomnographic Technologist

Licensing Board.

HLO boards typically meet in Salem, and fre-

quency varies by board; one meets monthly, and

most meet three or four times a year.

The HLO encourages candidates to apply but

does not administer the appointment process.

Appointment to a board of an HLO-regulated

profession is made by the Governor’s Office of

Executive Appointments

( admin/Pages/How_To_Apply.aspx ), as

are appointments

for approximately 200 other state boards.

The office continuously recruits qualified appli-

cants, who undergo a thorough background and

reference check before being recommended for


Please share if you know someone who might

be interested in serving.

To apply, complete an application/interest form

from the Governor’s Office of Executive Appoint-

ments and submit it to:

Executive Appointments, Office of the Governor

900 Court St. NE Room 160, Salem, OR 97301-4047

Phone: (503) 378-3123

Executive Appts Private Fax (503) 373-0840

For more information

• HLO Board Vacancies page:

• Learn about HLO boards and regulated profes-


• For inquiries on board membership or duties,

please contact HLO Executive Support Specialist

Amanda Schuck at or


• Please contact the Governor’s Office of Execu-

tive Appointments if you have questions about

the appointment process or the status of your