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Health Licensing Office

Oregon Board News

1430 Tandem Ave NE, Suite 180 • Salem, OR 97301-2192


(503) 378-8667 • Regulatory Compliance (503) 373-2024

HLO Agency Staff:

Sylvie Donaldson, Director

Tina Russell, Licensing Manager

Bob Bothwell, Regulatory Manager

Board of Cosmetology:

Heidi Zuniga, Practitioner (Chair), Springfield

Michele Strobel, Practitioner , Eugene

Franklin Whatley, Practitioner, Portland

Roger Wert, Practitioner, Roseburg

Peggy McJunkin, Practitioner, Salem

Amber Starks, Practitioner, Portland

Public Member, VACANT

The Board of Cosmetology Rulemaking Process

Have a Voice in the Rulemaking Process

Overnment for Your Profession

Regulation is not set in stone. This is your op-

portunity to be part of the rulemaking process.

The Board of Cosmetology will be approve a rule

schedule for 2018 at the October 30 meeting.

Topics under review for rulemaking are not

limited changes can be made to any part the rules.

The Board currently be considering

• Scope of practice between advanced esthetics

and basic esthetics

• Client record requirements

• Infection control standards

• Continuing education

• Device and equipment requirements

• Retake examination requirements

Proposed dates are as follows:

• Board meeting - October 30, 2017 approve rule


• Board meeting - January 29, 2018 – Recommend

Rules Advisory Committee Membership Criteria

• Rules Advisory Committee March 12, 2018

• Rules Advisory Committee March 26, 2018, if


• Rules Advisory Committee April 16, 2018, if needed

• Board meeting June 11, 2018 approve proposed


• Public Comment Period Begins August 1 through

August 30, 2018

• Public Rule Hearing August 13, 2018

• Board Meeting October 29, 2018 consider all com-

ments and adopt permanent administrative rules.

Board and Office encourage the public to inter-

act in the process whether it be to serve on a Rules

Advisory Committee or make comments on pro-

posed rules. Interest forms to serve on Rules Advi-

sory Committees will be accepted anytime. You can

find interest forms and information on the rule-

making process can be located on the HLO website

at .

All comments or questions can be directed to:

Samie Patnode, Policy Analyst

(503)373-1917 •



2018 Board Meeting Dates

Last meeting of the year is October 30, 2017.

• January 29, 2018 at 10 am

• June 10, 2018 at 10 am

• October 29, 2018 at 10 am