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Mission: Business Beautiful

Ali Davidson


CLICK HERE Here’s Your Holiday SeasonWake-Up Call

How many times, following another crazy holi-

day season, have you told yourself, “I won’t put

myself through that again!”

We’ve all been there -- whether you make the

proclamation because you didn’t take full advan-

tage of all the gift card and retail potential, or you

started planning for the season too late, or you

completely overbooked and wore yourself out

trying to accommodate everyone else, Many of us

have even made that same proclamation multiple

years in a row.

If you’re reading this right now, consider this

your wake-up call. Don’t let 2017 be another

coulda, woulda, shoulda holiday season for your

business. I like Halloween as much as the next

person, but I’ve learned to suck it up and just wear

my Halloween costume (I start dressing up about

October first — don’t judge) while planning for the

holidays. My point: start planning now!

Purchase or pre-order your holiday retail spe-

cials before the products you really want are back-

ordered or won’t arrive in adequate time for the

season. It happens quickly. If you’re planning to

create any bundles or utilize special holiday names,

slogans, or themes to help promote retail sales, get

creative with that now while your brain is clear and

there’s time to collect the décor necessary to bring

that story to life.

While you’re at it, make sure you have more than

enough gift cards in stock and ready to roll for all

the holidays through the end of the year. What

will your promotion/pitch be to make those cards

move, move, move? What are the rules for redeem-

ing them— only during a certain time period, only

on services, one card per visit? These are things

you don’t want to think about after the holiday

season purchasing peak has begun.

Are you going to run any service specials or

packages? Do you have enough supplies tucked

away for the added demand? What’s your game

plan for first-time clients during this time? How

are you going to bring them back and make them

regulars? Are you going to give each of your clients

a gift? Will they all receive the same thing? Over-

whelmed yet?

Prepare the gifts and execution plan before

clients are pounding down your door, kids need

cookies for 30 classmates, and holiday parties must

be attended. While you’re planning, don’t forget to

think about if and when you might decorate your

salon. Will you allow each stylist to decorate their

own space to their taste?

Setting a policy before it’s an issue is the best

practice. These are things you won’t want to think