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Health Licensing Office

Oregon Board News

1740 Tandem Ave NE, Suite 180 • Salem, OR 97301-0380


(503) 378-8667 • Regulatory Compliance (503) 373-2024

HLO Agency Staff:

Sylvie Donaldson, Director

Tina Russell, Licensing Manager

Bob Bothwell, Regulatory Manager

Board of Cosmetology:

Heidi Zuniga, Practitioner (Chair), Springfield

Michele Strobel, Practitioner , Eugene

Franklin Whatley, Practitioner, Portland

Roger Wert, Practitioner, Roseburg

Peggy McJunkin, Practitioner, Salem

Amber Starks, Practitioner, Portland

Public Member, VACANT



2017 Board Meeting Dates

Last meeting of the year is October 30, 2017.

Proposed 2018 Meeting Dates

January 29, 2018 at 10 am

June 10, 2018 at 10 am

October 29, 2018 at 10 am

» » The Board of Cosmetology Rulemaking – Spring 2018

The Board of Cosmetology is expected to begin

the permanent rulemaking process in the spring of

2018. Some of the topics that will be discussed and

considered during rulemaking are as follows:

• Defining scope of practice for basic esthetics

compared to advanced esthetics

• Safety and infection control requirements

• Continuing education for all fields of


HLO and the Board will be recruiting Rules Advi-

sory Committee members to meet and make recom-

mendations to the full board. Visit our website in

the Spring for the most current rule information and

interest forms for the Rules Advisory Committee.

» » Advanced Esthetics Grandfathering Provisions Ending

DECEMBER 31, 2017

is the deadline to obtain

certification as an advanced esthetician through

one of the grandfathering provision. Qualifications

for certification must be met by December 31,

2017, as specified within Oregon Administrative

Rule 819-020-0020 and Oregon Administrative

Rule 819-020-0090, which includes:

A. Pathway one - 500 hours of supervised expe-

rience; or

B. Pathway two – 168 hours of experience and

40 hours of education; and

C. Successful passage of a board approved


JANUARY 1, 2018

individuals applying for cer-

tification in Advanced Esthetics will be required to

provide verification of completion of an Advanced

Esthetics Curriculum (AEC). An AEC must include

at least 500 hours of instruction with a minimum

of 280 hours of theory, 195 hours of practical

work, 25 discretionary hours and 125 completed


» » HLO Recruiting for Several Boards

Are you interested in getting involved with

state service but unsure where to begin? Consider

serving on one of Health Licensing Office’s regula-

tory boards. You don’t have to be a member of

one of the regulated professions to serve. In fact,

many of the openings are for public members. For

more information visit HLO Board Vacancies page: