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Window into Wellness

Natasha Bhalla




Health, Wellness and Financial Success

Better Health Leads to Higher Pro ts

The Greek physician Herophilus stated, “When

health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art

cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth be-

comes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

Although the connection between health and

finances may seem indirect, the two are unequivo-

cally correlated. Without good health, all areas of

one’s life suffer, including career and finance.

Good health and well-being are necessary for

a happy, financially secure life and promoting

healthy habits in the workplace are essential in

creating personal and business prosperity.

Encouraging healthy habits in the salon can

significantly enhance individual incomes and can

boost the salon’s bottom line.

Staff and employees who are healthy are less

apt to call out sick and cancel appointments. This

improves the staff’s reliability both among their

colleagues and with their customers, increasing

client retention. Furthermore, customers who find

their stylists to be reliable refer them to friends and

family more often, increasing profitability.

Healthy beauty pros also have more stamina

and can more easily endure long hours on their

feet, working on client after client. Healthy indi-

viduals suffer less from the aches and pains that

are commonly attributed to a salon professional

are lifestyle. Tendonitis, carpel tunnel, back aches

and leg spasms occur less often in those who take

care of themselves and prioritize their well-being.

This again results in the cancellation of less ap-

pointments and an increase in referrals, boosting


Healthy professionals pay better attention to de-

tail and are more creative, important traits of being

a good stylist, makeup artist and nail tech. Healthy

pros perform better at tasks, are more attentive

and have better memory than those with poor

health. Health and wellness also increase one’s

morale, and professionals who are healthy are

typically more energetic and enthusiastic, making

them a pleasure to be around.

Both staff and clients prefer to be around some-

one with a positive attitude who is easy to commu-

nicate with and who has good energy. Financially

successful stylists are not only creative and artistic,

but are also thoughtful, courteous and fun, and

draw in new clients constantly.

Being healthy also reduces falls and other ac-

cidents while on the job and encouraging staff

and colleagues to take care of their health reduces