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items and shall be discarded after use: orange-

wood sticks, cotton balls, nail wipes and dispos-

able towels.

(f ) Buffer blocks, porous nail files, pedicure files,

callus rasps, natural pumice and foot brush, arbor,

sanding bands, sleeves, heel and toe pumice, exfo-

liating block (washable materials) shall be cleaned

by manually brushing or other adequate methods

to remove all visible debris after each use, and

then sprayed with an EPA-registered bactericidal,

fungicidal, and virucidal disinfectant, or a high-

level chlorine bleach solution in accordance with

this chapter. If a buffer block or porous nail file is

exposed to broken skin (skin that is not intact) or

unhealthy skin or nails, it must be discarded imme-

diately after use in a trash receptacle.

(g) The following materials that are used during

a manicure and pedicure shall be replaced with

new or clean articles for each client: terry cloth

towels, finger bowls and spatulas that contact skin

or skin products frommulti-use containers.

The next rule we will review addresses the basin

cleaning procedure. To assist you TDLR has created

a web video on cleaning procedures after each

client. Videos are available in English, Spanish, and

Vietnamese. cosmetwhirlpool.htm

It is important to remember: there is a required

cleaning after each client, a required cleaning at

the end of the day and another required cleaning

every other week (bi-weekly).

83.108. Health and Safety Standards--Foot

Spas, Foot Basins, and Spa Liners.

(a) As used in this section, ‘whirlpool foot spa’

or ‘spa’ is defined as any basin using circulat-

ing water, either in a self-contained unit or in a

unit that is connected to other plumbing in the


(b) After use upon each client, each whirlpool

foot spa shall be cleaned and disinfected in the

following sequential manner.

(1) All water shall be drained and all debris shall

be removed from the spa basin.

(2) The spa basin must be cleaned with soap or

detergent and water.

(3) The spa basin must be disinfected with an

EPA registered disinfectant with demonstrated

bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity which

must be used according to the manufacturer’s


(4) The spa basin must be wiped dry with a

clean towel.

(c) At the end of each day, each whirlpool foot

spa shall be cleaned and disinfected in the follow-

ing sequential manner.

(1) The screen and any other removable parts

shall be removed, all debris trapped behind the

screen shall be removed, and the screen and

the inlet and any other removable parts shall be

washed with soap or detergent and water.

(2) Before replacing the screen, one of the fol-

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