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ence does this educator possess? Do they a have

a full background of experience? Do they possess

experience as a hairdresser or salon owner who un-

derstands your challenges? Have they ever owned

a salon? Are their classes reasonably priced? If they

are coaches, are they affordable and effective?

Separating glitter and hype from quality


— this is very prevalent in our profes-

sion. Inexperienced salon owners and hairdressers

can be greatly influenced, especially when visiting

trade shows and expos. Sometimes, you have to go

outside our profession to find quality education.

It’s not about finding a glamorous education, but

an affordable, high quality one instead. It’s not just

being a good hairdresser, it’s about being a good

business person.

Back up Support

—Will there be ongoing sup-

port after the class, session, seminar, etc? Can you

call for help when helping your audiences support

and encouragement? If all you get is that one time

education, what are you really gaining from paying

for this education?

These are a few guidelines in finding truly edu-

cational resources. Remember, you are in charge of

your education. Don’t get swindled, rather get the

tools you need to make your salon a success.

Jon Gonzales - Salon Consultant, Personal Development Coach, Educator & Author world knowledge

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