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WWW.CALIFORNIASTYLIST.COM CLICK HERE Finding Quality and Affordable Education

by Jon Gonzales

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if

you were to live forever.” – Gandhi

Finding quality and affordable education in

the beauty profession is becoming increasingly

difficult. In my opinion 90 percent of education in

the beauty profession is focused on the needs of

product companies seeking to brand their name or


Yes retail is important, but more and more of

these product companies urge us to sell their

products to the consumer only to see these same

products sold at cheaper discount at WalMart. In

short, they don’t care about you and your salon.

There’s no loyalty.

We have forgotten the heart and soul of our

profession are the hairdressers and salon owners.

Their success will benefit everyone including our

product companies. Sadly incomes for hairdressers

are at the poverty levels and salons are going out

of business at an alarming rate.

Many of these companies present good edu-

cational classes on how to use their products, but

I believe these are nearly always biased towards

the needs of the product companies disguised as


Finding unbiased quality and affordable educa-

tion focused on the needs of the people who work

in the trenches is paramount for our industry’s


Your real challenge is to find affordable and

quality education aside from the glitter and hype

so prevalent in the beauty profession; seek out

education that focuses on your educational and

business needs that will help you develop your full

learning and earning potential, and help you raise

your standard of living.

In search of finding quality education, many of

you pay hard earned money on education, and

then are disappointed in the quality of education

you need to succeed. The following tips will help

you find quality and affordable education:

Is the focus on you?

—Will their program,

class, or seminar really help you in your daily job?

Will it equip you with the skills you need to earn a

higher income? Before enrolling, be sure to care-

fully check their website and seek references from

people who’ve already gone through the program.

You work hard for your money, so make your edu-

cation worth what you pay. Don’t spend a dime

before you’ve done your research.

Is there a guarantee?

—Make sure there is

a guarantee you can receive a refund if the edu-

cation you paid for did not measure up to your


Educator’s background

— How much experi-