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understanding how to hire a workforce or

contract with the State of Florida, the eB-

ook can help show you the way.

The Business Information Portal also of-

fers help with federal and local obligations.

In addition to cosmetology, the portal

covers approximately 300 business types

-- everything from starting a restaurant to

opening a salon.

Starting your own business can be one

of the most liberating moments of an

entrepreneur’s life, and DBPR is commit-

ted to making that transition as smooth as




Ever wanted to start your own salon but need

some friendly advice from other business veterans?

The DBPR’s E-Book can help. The DBPR Business Brief

offers a first-person perspective on business topics

– such as personal and professional growth, leader-

ship, decision-making, overcoming obstacles – and

provides aspiring entrepreneurs insight into leading

Florida businesses and decision makers. The E-Book

offers interviews and quotes from Florida business-

men and women on the struggles and successes that

shaped their businesses as they built them. The E-Book

is free to download from the DBPR’s newsroom site at . Makeover your payment processing solution to compliment your beauty services! FREE CREDIT CARD TERMINALS!!!   • No set-up fee • No application fee • FREE EMV credit card terminal with built-in tip functionality • Point of Sale (POS) systems &mobile card readers available • Direct deposit to your bank account • 24/7 technical support & customer service • Top notch security: PCI compliant • Gift card & loyalty programs Give us a call at (844) 462-8483 START SAVING MONEY TODAY!!! SalonMerchantAccountFeatures