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Robyn Barineau, Executive Director

New Business Portal Streamlines Opening a Business in Florida

Starting your own beauty salon can be a diz-

zying experience, even for the most prepared en-

trepreneur. The journey can seem daunting, from

formulating a business plan, to securing financing

– or even just picking a name for your business.

The myriad licenses, permits and registrations

needed are just a small part, but Florida’s Depart-

ment of Business and Professional Regulation will

make starting your business easier than ever with

the state’s new Business Information Portal.

The Business Information Portal

( ), wh

ich re-

ceived its official unveiling in late June, streamlines

the process for individuals seeking to start and op-

erate a business in the Sunshine State. Prospective

business owners can type their chosen business

field, and the portal will provide a checklist of all

that’s needed to enter the Florida business sector.

On the portal, prospective business owners

receive an interactive and printable checklist for

getting the licenses needed to get a salon up and

running. This includes how to register your new

business, applying for an Employer Identifica-

tion Number and registering for your state taxes

through the Department of Revenue.

Starting a business in Florida can mean register-

ing with the Department of Revenue and licensing

with the Department of Business and Professional

Regulation, the Department of Agriculture and

Consumer Services or the state’s Department

of Health. This new portal will help clarify that

process. The site offers brief introductions to all

relevant state agencies and explanations for what

their state licenses cover.

For those that need help beyond licensing, the

site also contains a companion eGuide, which of-

fers help in getting a business moving forward.

The eGuide includes best practices and general

information regarding starting and operating a

business in Florida. That includes helping you for-

mulate your own business plan, pick a location for

your business and acquire financing.

The guide will also walk you through the state

requirements that fit most businesses, and it in-

cludes information about state regulatory agencies

and additional resources. Whether you need help