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Mission: Business Beautiful

Ali Davidson




It Was A Fabulous Class! NowWhat?

It has happened to all of us. You attend a class,

something you’ve been looking forward to for weeks.

It took some sacrifice to attend in the form of

money, hours away from taking clients, or time

away from family, but you just knew it was going

to be worth it. The educator came with high re-

views and the subject matter was something you’d

been craving help to master. You were so ready for

this class.

And the class did NOT disappoint. The educator

kept you on the edge of your seat and every word

they said rang so true to your business it was like

they were reading your mind. “Ah-ha”moments

were competing for attention as they overlapped

and you could hardly take notes fast enough. If

life was a cartoon, the light bulb above your head

would look like a strobe light.

You left the class feeling more inspired and mo-

tivated than you had in ages. Your next day in the

salon couldn’t come fast enough; the excitement

to implement all you’d just learned was burning in

your soul.

Then, you get to work. There are a hundred

things you want to do, change, and accomplish,

but the first step is unclear. There are so many pos-

sibilities; so much potential; too much to do but

paralysis sets in. What now?

Like I said, we’ve all been there. I’m ashamed to

admit how many incredible classes I’ve enjoyed

only to let what I learned fall by the wayside as

soon as I returned to reality. So I’ve developed a

three-step morning-after plan to avoid post-edu-

cation paralysis.

Step One: Prioritize Goals:

The morning after

a great class I sit down with my notes. What’s been

haunting me all night? Which things I can’t stop

thinking about; they’ve just been playing over

and over in my head. Highlight those. Identify the

things you really want to do and then rank them in

terms of importance.

If you attended a business class, you could’ve

learned 50 things that could be improved in the

way you do business but there are seven you think

would really make a difference. It would be impos-

sible to implement all 50 things at once but seven

is a much more manageable starting point.

Likewise, if you attended a technique class, you

might have been shown 10 new haircuts, but there

were three techniques that were utilized in all 10

you really want to master. Sure, there were about

20 techniques you were shown, but it isn’t feasible

to practice and master all 20 right away. The three