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The Nail Extension

Elizabeth Morris




Wash One Dish and Put it Away

Do you remember the funny movies where the

lead character has a decision to make and there

is an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the


As an entrepreneur, you likely have the “doubt”

fairy on one shoulder and the “fear” fairy on the

other. You likely get stranded because fear paralyzes

your next move.

Good news – there are ways to trick yourself

into doing what will gain you success and help you

move forward.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is pro-

crastination. We put things off because in the back

of our mind we think we will fail. So we put off the

inevitable by doing nothing.

Does what I am saying feel close to home? Yes? I

thought so. You are not alone, even though you feel

that way at times; we all struggle with these feelings

as business owners.

Not many people are willing to be their own boss

and take charge of their life by running their own

business. Whether you work from your home, rent

a booth, or own your own salon, you are an entre-

preneur and a business owner. And you are likely

avoiding doing what you most need to do because

you have an overwhelming fear of failing. We all do

this. But if we don’t do what we need to do for our

success, no one else will, and we will never get what

we want. Success is gained by moving in a direction,

and taking small steps every day toward a goal.

We seem to distract ourselves, and stay rooted

where we currently are and then feel terrible we

haven’t gained the success we want.

If you are doing the same thing over and over

without getting the results you want and you have

a goal in mind but don’t know where to start – then

here’s the answer: start small, but start.

Whatever you do, get to it, even if it is one tiny

step today. Tiny steps in the right direction every

day add up and soon, before you know it, you will

have reached your goal.

It is sort of like cleaning out a storage unit. This is

not something we ever want to do; we would rather

just pay another month’s rent rather than tackle

what seems like an overwhelming task. However, if

we bite off a little at a time, before you know it, the

work is all done, the unit is cleared out, and we can

quit paying that monthly fee and use that money

for greater things.

With all that said you’re probably wondering how

you can make the change to drive yourself forward

and diminish your fear of failing. Where and how

to start depends on your particular goal, but three

simple steps help to push us in the right direction.

• Step 1 -- write down what it is you need to