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Health Licensing Office

Oregon Board News

1740 Tandem Ave NE, Suite 180 • Salem, OR 97301-0380


(503) 378-8667 • Regulatory Compliance (503) 373-2024

HLO Agency Staff:

Sylvie Donaldson, Director

Tina Russell, Licensing Manager

Bob Bothwell, Regulatory Manager

Board of Cosmetology:

Heidi Zuniga, Practitioner (Chair), Springfield

Michele Strobel, Practitioner , Eugene

Franklin Whatley, Practitioner, Portland

Roger Wert, Practitioner, Roseburg

Peggy McJunkin, Practitioner, Salem

Amber Starks, Practitioner, Portland

Public Member, VACANT

» » Translated Cosmetology Fields of Practice Exams Coming Soon

The Oregon Health Licensing Office (HLO) is in the

process of soliciting a professional services contract

for the translation of the Cosmetology field of practice

examinations, i.e. barbering, hair design, nail technol-

ogy and esthetics, and the Oregon laws and rules

examination into Spanish and Vietnamese.

The HLO does not have an implementation date

at this time however, the goal of the HLO is to have

the translated examinations ready for administration

by January 1, 2018. The HLO will provide notice to all

schools, in writing, with the specific date the examina-

tions will be available in the translated languages.

In the interim, until the translated examinations

are available, the HLO does provide individuals for

whom English is a second language (ESL) with the op-

portunity to obtain additional time to complete their

examinations. Times for applicants to appear at the

HLO for additional time, and to allow the appropriate

amount of time to complete their examination(s) are

listed below.

• 12:00 pm - 1 field of practice and Oregon laws and

rules examination

• 10:00 am - 2 field of practice and Oregon laws

and rules examination

• 8:00 am - 3 fields of practice and Oregon laws and

rules examination

To accommodate individuals taking three fields

of practice and the Oregon Laws and Rules, with the

additional time, HLO will be able to administer those

examination, other than Tuesdays at 8:00 am.

If you have any questions, or need additional infor-

mation please contact me at 503-373-1816 or visit the

agency website at .


» Certified Advanced Esthetics Rulemaking Update

The Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians

(Board), Qualification and Rules Workgroup met on

April 12, 2017 where they worked through school

curriculum requirements and learning objectives

as well as theory and practical hour recommen-

dations. The Health Licensing Office intends on

having the Board review the workgroups recom-

mendations as well as other administrative rules for

approval on July 31, 2017. The Qualification Com-

mittee will continue to meet to help Private Career

Schools licensed through the Higher Education

Coordinating Commission prepare for the January

1, 2018 start date.

Written public comment for proposed admin-

istrative rules will begin on October 1 and go

through October 28, 2017. A public administra-

tive rule hearing will be held on October 20, 2017

where verbal testimony will be taken by a hearings

officer. Written comment can also be taken at the

administrative rules hearing. The Board is sched-

uled to consider written and verbal comments at

the November 8, 2017 Board meeting as well as

adopt permanent rules.