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and this page can be considered the home

page of the bill.

• Text tab: The full text of the bill can be found

and reports, if any, on the bill. You will notice

Adobe PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word formats

for the text.

• Actions tab: The list of stages the bill could be in

is found here, could range from introduced to


• Companions tab: Bills that would pass together.

• Amendments tab: A full text of any amend-

ments suggested to the bill and its author. An

amendment is a change or addition to a bill.

• Authors tab: List of the authors of the bill.

• Sponsors tab: A list of legislators who strongly

support the bill.

• Captions tab: A history of the different titles the

bill has had.

• Bill Stages: This is the page you and I use to

determine the stage the bill is in; this tab is a

layman’s version of the Action tab.

8. To read the bill click on the Text tab.

9. Now click on the PDF, text or Word icons

to read the bill. Wondering what the underlined

and crossed out language is for? Underlined

text is language the bill want to add to the law.

Crossed out language is what the bill was to get

rid of.

Find and track SB 1503 by Zaffirini by using

the same steps outlined above. See if you can

find any significant differences.

With 32 programs TDLR has 341 bills to track

this session, but luckily there are several em-

ployees to track the bills through the legislative

process. If you are signed up for TDLR’s Twitter

or Facebook accounts, you will be receiving pe-

riodic updates also. The Department encourages

you to be an active participant in your industry’s

law making process and make your voice heard!

Operators – 140,716

Manicurists – 44,449

Estheticians – 19,890

Eyelash Extension Specialty - 666

Hair Weavers – 168

Shampoo Specialists – 117

Wig Specialists – 14

Operator Instructors – 5,450

Manicure Instructors – 67

Esthetician Instructors – 203

Wig Instructors – 2

Students – 25,754

Schools – 441

Salons – 19,790

Mini-Salons – 9,587

Manicure Salons – 742

Esthetician Spec. Salons – 1,446

Eyelash Extension Salon – 190


Specialty Salons – 5,814

Hair Weaving Salon - 60

Wig Salons – 36

Dual Shop/Salon –4,004*

Mini-Dual Shop/Salon – 405

* Dual number also listed in

barber statistics

Cosmetology — Shear Numbers

Barbers – 16,229

Barber Manicurists – 296

Barber Technicians – 15

Barber Hair Weaving Specialist –11

Barber Shops – 3,603

Mini-Barbershop – 385

Mini-Dual Shop/Salon – 416

Dual Shop/Salon –4,082*

Mobile Barber Shop - 16

Barber Manicure Shops – 57

Barber Hair Weaving Shops – 4

Barber Instructors – 408

Students – 2,761

Schools – 79

* Dual shop/salon also listed in

cosmetology statistics

Barber — Shear Numbers