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WWW.TEXASSTYLIST.COM Finding and Tracking a Bill During the 85th Legislative Session

Five o’clock p.m. on March 10th was the

deadline for filing a bill if it was to be considered

by the Texas Legislature this session. When dawn

broke on March 11th, there were seventeen bills

that could possibly affect the cosmetology and

barbering industries regulated by the Texas De-

partment of Licensing and Regulation.

Here’s a couple of examples on how to track

bills on Texas Legislature Online:

House Bill 340 (HB 340) was filed by Represen-

tative Craig Goldman (Fort Worth) and Senate Bill

1503 (SB 1503), a companion bill, was filed in the

Senate by Senator Judith Zaffirini (Laredo). The

purpose of the two bills is to abolish or eliminate

the shampoo apprentice permit and the sham-

poo specialty certificate.

First, you may be asking “what is a companion

bill?”That is the term used when bills filed in each

chamber (Senate and House) are very similar or

even identical to each other.

Here’s how to find and track HB 340 by Repre-

sentative Goldman:

1. Go to Texas Legislature Online (TLO) web-


2. Once on that page locate the Search Legis-

lation section in the middle of the home page.

3. Make sure you are searching in session:

85(R) – 2017. That stands for the 85th session, “R”

signifies the regular session of the legislature but

if there is a number instead of the “R” it means

the action took place during a special session or

time extended from the normal 140 days that the

legislature meets.

4. Next determine if you are searching by bill

number or Work/Phrase.

5. Type in the bill number, if you know it. A

House Bill will be HB#### and if it is a Senate Bill it

will be SB####. If you don’t know the bill number

click on the dot with Word/Phrase to its right and

type in a word or phrase that the bill could have

in it. In this case type in “cosmetology” or “barber-

ing.” Using our example type in HB 340.

6. Click the Go button next to the search box.

7. A new page should open.

The new page includes several clickable tabs:

• History tab: Basic bill information is found here

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Cosmetology Advisory Board:

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P.O. Box 12157 Austin, Texas 78711

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