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cy of visits to achieve their desired results. Don’t

sell yourself short or chicken out; this is where you

lay the foundation for a happy client and a happy

colorist. It’s better to lay it all out and let the client

choose then to explain yourself and your fees after

the fact.







Whatever you do don’t bundle your

services for one


price. Unless, of course,

you are running a promotion and it is for a set

amount of time. Regular bundling of services for a

discounted price just sets a precedence of under-

valuing your services. It is a nightmare to undo and

it only hurts you in the end.

You should be charging for each service you

perform. That means if you add a




then you charge for it, if you add Olaplex or any

other treatment then you charge for it. Trimming

your client’s hair after? You charge for that too.

Think of it this way: if you go to get new brakes

and an oil change for your car, you can bet the car

mechanic is charging you for both.

At the end of the day consistent pricing is your

professional responsibility. Short term it may

sound easier to give the discount but in the long

term you will regret it. The more you clearly com-

municate your pricing the more respect you earn.

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