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my A-game to work every day but I doubt I could

ever summon passion for it. You can’t “act as if.”

Passion doesn’t work that way. I’ll admit I came by

my passion for skincare naturally at an early age

as I noticed my grandmother’s incredibly beauti-

ful peaches-and- cream complexion and what she

did to maintain it into her golden years.

Secondly, you need to stay passionate with an

eye on the future. Where do you see yourself in

five, 10, even 30 years? If you don’t maintain your

passion now, the future you envision for yourself

isn’t going be what you expect.

Let’s talk about what you can do now to make

your future self a happy self. There’s lots of ways

to keep your passion fresh.

Take continuing education classes.

You can

never have enough education. If you spend time

and money away from the salon/spa in a seminar

and tell yourself it was a waste of time, it’s your

loss. You can always find at least one thing you

didn’t know.

Be an expert in your field.

Be that stylist or

nail tech or esthetician that other professionals call

when they have a question. And when your client

needs an answer, know the answer. But never, ever

try to bluff your way through something you don’t

know. And don’t be snotty about clients’ sugges-

tions or preconceived ideas about beauty.

There’s nothing wrong with fillers or even a

facelift to make you feel beautiful even though

we seem to live in a culture where only “natural”

treatments are acceptable.

Reach outside your salon/spa to do some-

thing for your community

. Do a benefit for a

local charity. How about “Haircuts for Hairballs”

giving a percent of hair services for the day to

the local animal shelter. Teach girls in a local re-

covery home how to do their make-up for a job

interview. Donate an afternoon at a senior center

to show the beautiful geriatrics how to take care

of their nails. Over the years, I’ve participated in

“Look Good, Feel Better”with the Red Cross and

taught a skincare class to my son’s Boy Scout

Troop as well as written age appropriate skincare

tips for local 55-plus community newsletters.

Celebrate your craft!

Did you create the Mona

Lisa with your client’s color and cut today? Hold

on to that image and the personal satisfaction

that you felt.

Have you been seeing a teen for a few months

and notice you’re doing a lot less extractions and

their skin is actually looking healthy? Do your

happy dance. Did your pedicure client who came

in with ¼- inch calluses leave with baby smooth

footsies? Give yourself a hug!

Power your day with passion for your profession!

Debra Simpkins became an aesthetician in 2003 after a 20+ year career in dentistry and moved

to Central Oregon from the east coast. She is passionate about healthy skin, helping her clients

age gracefully and making the world beautiful one treatment at a time. To contact her visit or e