The Color for 2017: And the Winner Is…

Author: Debra Simpkins   |   Posted on: April 01, 2017

The Pantone Color Institute appears to be the authority on color. Every year, they choose a color to bestow on the fashion industry. It seeps into other industries as well, from home décor to cell phone cases and pet accessories.

The Institute has chosen “Greenery”, a refreshing, revitalizing and life-affirming shade of green as the color of the year for 2017. It’s actually being touted as the omnipresent hue around the world. When I got this earth shattering news, I forced myself to be more aware of my colorful surroundings and wouldn’t you know, ‘Greenery’ was everywhere.

From the beautiful work uniform of my plumber to the stationary at a hotel where we recently stayed, my life was affirmed by “Greenery”. But I couldn’t find the relevance in the beauty industry until I started searching. I became hyper-vigilant of my environment. And just like noticing my plumber’s fetching green jump suit, the uses of “Greenery” became abundant.

Butter London’s “Greenery” or CND’s “Vinylux Limade” is a hit with nail technicians. Apparently, it’s quite popular with the millennials. I may actually choose it for my next pedicure.

Beauty Launchpad calls “Greenery” hair color a versatile trans-seasonal shade. This refreshing and revitalizing hue isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. And Fekkai makes a green apple shampoo and I imagine it smells delightful.

But in skin care, which is my corner of the beauty world, the quest for “Greenery” was daunting. A lot of new products contain plant stem cells which sound like it should be green but turns out they’re either clear or milky. I found an exfoliating mask that contains green coffee beans and a hydrating mask that contains green tea. Neither was green and I’m not sure how I feel about having a “Greenery” colored face staring up at me from the facial bed anyway.

Then I had a flashback to the 70’s and the green eye shadow. Oh, how I loved brushing on that Maybelline Peacock Ultra Frost, sliding into my halter jumpsuit and heading towards the disco ball!

But I digress… Finally I found a new and improved  “Greenery” for the 2017 me. Any one of the great make-up lines carry a shade of “Greenery” in shadows, liners, mascara and even lipsticks. It can be subtle or bold, glittery or matte. With the current color fashion schemes however, “Greenery” can be worn by blond, brunette or redhead with brown, blue or hazel eyes. If memory serves me, the green eye shadow of the 70’s was recommended for brunette’s generally and only brown-eyed girls (and yes, I had both).

Can you think of ways to use “Greenery” in the Spa or Salon? Let’s give it a try and do our part to stay current with the latest color trend, shall we? It could be something as simple as a adding a green plant to your reception area. A green pop of color always freshens the look of the bathroom.

Revamp the treatment rooms with sage and crème colors. Redecorate with a bamboo motif. Why not add a refreshing pitcher of water with cucumber and lime slices for your clients. Throw out the old, ratty and color stained towels for a new look with “Greenery”. Just nothing too drastic or permanent since next year's Pantone color of the year will be totally different. After all, the 2016 color was Rose Quartz.

And if all else fails, may I suggest a lovely “Greenery” peacock ultra frost eye shadow!

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