How To Fire Your Client

Author: MiladyPro   |   Posted on: March 23, 2017

We’re here to tell you yes, you can fire your clients. First, you have to get clear about a few things. What do you want your client relationships to look like? You should get clear and choose how your client relationships are going to be, then stand for that and nothing less.
If you have disrespect, frustration, or struggle in your relationships with clients, then that is what you are allowing to happen. If you want respect, honor and dignity, stand for that and nothing less. It is your choice. Second, you have to have a straight conversation with the client or clients of concern. You owe it to them to explain the relationship is not working for you. The following is an example of a simple recommendation for saying goodbye to a client. “Mrs. Jones, I understand what you want is _________. Unfortunately, I have been unable to satisfy that particular need. My commitment is to service all my clients’ needs, whatever they may be. May I recommend __________ (recommend a coworker or another salon). I feel that he/she/they will be best suited to service you with what you are requesting. May I make that appointment for you now?” Third, be committed to what it is you say you want in your business. Mrs. Jones may come back to you and say, “Oh no, I am happy; I like what you are doing.” When that happens, go back to the script and reiterate you have been unable to satisfy her on several of her last appointments and wish to recommend someone you feel will be better suited for the job. Be respectful. It may take two, three, or four visits before Mrs. Jones gets the picture. She will do one of three things. One, she will straighten up and become your best client and learn to enjoy her visits. Two, she will take your recommendation and go to another stylist. Three, she will move on to another salon. Don’t be held hostage by your clients. Be committed to what you want for your business. Don’t allow unhappy clients to steal your aliveness. There is a saying that goes, you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. So, what are you standing for? Three Keys to Firing Your Client: Determine what kind of client relationship you want in your business and what that specifically looks like. Use the KISS script —Keep it simple sweetie! Keep repeating the script until the client: (1) changes his/her attitude; (2) goes to another stylist, or (3) leaves the salon. MiladyPro is the premier destination for ongoing professional beauty education, providing a one-stop source that includes the latest trends, techniques and business skills for salon and spa professionals. For more info go to Read more Raising Education Articles Stylist Newspapers | 1-888-297-7010 | P. O Box 657 |Banks, OR 97106