Trending for Successful Business in 2017

Author: Ali Davidson   |   Posted on: January 01, 2017

It’s easy to point fingers and make excuses when our profit numbers aren’t what we want them to be. We’re all guilty of complaining about the big box stores and the dreaded Amazon stealing our retail sales. But maybe it’s time to stop with the excuse-making, finger-pointing and complaining. According to Forbes “Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2017,” it would appear things are looking up for salons!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a beauty professional complain about clients buying products from Walmart or Amazon, I could buy out Amazon’s beauty department. I understand the frustration; really I do. The thing is, blaming Amazon and giant retailers for lackluster retail numbers in your salon is a cop-out.

Forbes predictions for 2017 agree. It looks like stores lacking expertise and a smartly curated inventory are the ones that are suffering. Hundreds of generic Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Macy’s, and JC Penny’s locations closed in 2016, and the trend is predicted to continue into 2017.

According to Ian Altman, Forbes contributor, “Brick and mortar retailers that let you find

things on your own will continue to lose market share to Amazon and others. If you have to discover the products on your own, it’s easier to do so online.” Makes sense.

Sure, I am capable of dragging myself out of my cozy home and off to the neighborhood box store where I must traipse up and down, up and down, aisles until I find what I need. Then I’ll Google for reviews of each brand of that item, research the features, and finally stand in line to purchase the one I hope is best. But why would I do that when I can literally lay in bed with my phone, all options and reviews at my fingertips, and have what I need delivered?

Salons and spas are on the upside of this phenomenon because when a client needs a product, if you’re doing it right, the client doesn’t have to find the item themselves. They are coming to you for a service — and as the beauty professional, you make a product recommendation, put the product in their hands, and provide a wealth of reviews and knowledge.

They don’t even have to type the search into their phone. The expertise of a beauty professional is the key to this equation. Beauty professionals are what Forbes calls a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and, “customers still prefer to work with SMEs over traditional salespeople.”

You aren’t just trying to sell your clients things; you’re personally recommending products that can enhance their lives and bring them joy. When Netflix calls me by name and suggests a show I might enjoy, I get all tingly with anticipation to try it.

When Amazon suggests items I might want, I have to physically force myself to look away or purse number 879870 will be added to the other overflows on my closet floor. As a beauty professional working with your clients face-to-face, you are in the ultimate position to curate a spot-on “recommended for you” for your clients.

And you know what? We’re in a world that loves that kind of thing. We literally feed off it! Business experts are encouraging personalized promotions in 2017, and beauty professionals can easily be at the forefront.

Trending for success in business for 2017 is everything we should be doing as beauty professionals already. This is going to be our year, friends!

Quit making excuses for depleted retail sales. Take a page out of Amazon’s marketing manual; it would appear as if they got their good business sense from us.