About Us

The Stylist Newspapers are distributed (via email) to over 217,000 salons and beauty professionals each month.

  • NW Stylist — 48,400 (Digital Publication) 
    The Northwest Stylist is emailed to over 12,100 beauty professionals in OR & WA 4x/month.
  • California Stylist — 16,000 (Digital Publication)
    The California paper is emailed to over 4000 beauty professionals 4x/month.
  • Ohio Stylist — 36,000 (Digital Publication)
    The Ohio Stylist is emailed to over 9000 beauty professionals in Ohio 4x/month. 
  • Texas Stylist — 19,600 (Digital Publication)
    The Texas Stylist is emailed to over 4900 beauty professionals in Texas 4x/month.
  • Florida Stylist — 97,200 (Digital Publication)
    The Florida Stylist is emailed to over 24,300 beauty professionals in Florida 4x/month.